Sunday, March 27, 2011


The poor dandelion gets killed off by so many who are fixated on having a weedless yard of grass. Grass that will provide them with nothing in return. Dandelions are a precious source of numerous vitamins and minerals and can be used in so many ways for healing and nutrition as well as being packed with antioxidants making it a cancer fighter. I drink the tea regularly and it is dandelightful. The root is also very delicious in a stir fry or in bean soup! I made it just a couple days ago with my lima beans and it was to die for. Dandelions have more usable calcium than milk and fights osteoporosis. That fact alone is enough for me. It is a blood purifier; lowers blood pressure; helps with digestive disorders; help with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis; helps acne conditions; it's an energy booster; liver tonic and diuretic plus its a good source of soluble fiber.

You can find dandelion tea in most herb or health stores as well as the root, or you can harvest it yourself as long as you know for sure that it is a dandelion that has not be contaminated with herbicides or pesticides or fungicides. Harvest from the wild not along a polluted, highly traveled roadway--or from your very yard that is untreated.

If you have a will, there is A Holistic Way. Eat to be Healthy and Happy.

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